Home Inspection Assistance, Inc. (HIA) is a non-profit organization devoted to ensuring that all qualified applicants are provided funding to secure general home inspections during the home-purchase process.  As a non-profit organization, HIA strives to ensure the provision of home inspections for those who need and desire inspections but can’t afford them, to provide education to the public, and to advance community arrangements in support of these goals.

Complete home inspections are a vital component to the home purchase process.  A General Home Inspection (GHI) is an unbiased, onsite, visual inspection of the home's primary systems and components, and is conducted by a professional home inspector.  A GHI provides a detailed "snapshot" of the condition of the home at the time of inspection.  The inspection is documented with a written report which includes pertinent photos, descriptions of significant concerns and safety hazards, and important maintenance recommendations.  This detailed information can then be utilized by the home buyer in order to make an informed purchase decision.  Through the HIA program, qualified applicants are able to hire professional home inspectors to conduct a complete and professional home inspection.  HIA facilitates and finances General Home Inspections for those demonstrably unable to afford them.

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5-11 National Family Week

23rd - World Turtle Day

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23-29 Lightening  Safety Awarness Week

15 - World Juggling Day

  September 13, 9am
           HIA golf outing.
      Delaware Golf Club


HIA welcomes your involvement in our important mission - improving the safety and integrity of residential dwellings throughout the United States.